Fast Auto Liker

Best Auto Liker for Facebook

Fast Auto Liker helps in increasing the unlimited number of facebook likes on their profile, photos and posts. Fast Auto Liker, facebook auto liker can be used daily for increasing your Facebook profile likes without any cost and with fast service. Through this, you can emerge yourself as VIP user of Facebook.


  • Fast auto Liker does not store any information regarding your facebook username/password/email in any kind. Your account will be logged in to our server for processing access token, and that’s it.
  • We require your Facebook credentials for getting some knowledge about your account like your name, username, date of birth, latest posts/status/photos and so on.
  • For getting more info read the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of use.”

Note: Your account will be used for exchange likes and followers.

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Features of Auto Liker for Facebook

Auto Liker for Facebook

Auto Liker for Facebook comes under those websites which helps the users to collect automatic likes on their Facebook photo and status.

Auto Like Facebook Photo

Our website and auto like android services promotes users to gain automatic likes on their Facebook photos without having any restriction.

Auto Like Facebook Status

Our Facebook Auto Like online tool and applications allow users to increase likes on their facebook status by using the auto like application.

Secured Facebook Account

We did not hold any login information of the user with us. We only use your access token for exchanging your likes of your Facebook with others.

Support Windows & Android

Fast auto Liker auto liker tools supports nearly all the versions of Android (up to 5.1) and Windows version (up to Windows 10).

Get Instant Likes

You can get instant live likes (about 300 per submit) on your post when you are clicking on the submit button.